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Why does he never understand me?

A question we have asked on more than one occasion about more than one person is, ‘Why do we see things so differently?’  There are many explanations for this.

I found the explanation by Prager University in their video ‘Understanding Men and Women; Why They See Things Differently’ to be really interesting.  As a psychotherapist I believe that there is always more to each situation then meets the eye.  We see life through our own lenses and nothing the other person can say changes how we react to a situation.  This reaction is often because of years of belief system creation.

So according to Alison Armstrong, by understanding the differences between men and women we can relate to them differently which will bring out the best in them.  In other words, once we have reacted we can try and see the situation through the eyes of our partner.  By slowly starting to see situations through other’s eyes we may begin to change some unconscious patterns of though.

Helpful Tip:  Why don’t you and your partner watch this video clip together.  That way you are not directly discussing the issue but the discussion is slightly more objective as the energy of the concentration is based around what the other person ‘thinks about the video’ rather than what ‘you said or didn’t say’.

Let me know how your discussion goes?