What’s the difference between one’s EGO and their SOUL

When I looked at the definition of ‘stillness’ in the dictionary; calmness, hush, inaction, noiselessness, peace, quietness, quietude, serenity, still and tranquility are the words that stand out to me the most. The idea ‘being’ in the space of chaos.

I often struggle with not reacting to what I perceive others are thinking about me in any given moment. My mind starts spinning and I feel like there is chaos inside my head. I start feeling judged, I start thinking that I’m not good enough. This I believe is one’s ego. It’s the voice inside your head that represents social expectations and norms. Over your life you are influenced by society and your ego grows to believe that this is the ‘truth’ of who and what you should be as this is what others expect.

After really understanding this concept I had one of the most freeing realisations. I realised that how others see me is NOT the truth of who I am. I was only able to feel this by allowing myself the space to just ‘listen’. In this stillness one is able to hear the voice of their soul. The soul is the voice inside of your head that comes from the true worth of who you are. This is the connection we all have with our source, our guide, our spirit. In the Christian faith you may call this voice the ‘Holy Spirit or God’ in more holistic circles you may call this your alignment with ‘the Source of all and your Spirits/Angels etc’.
What ever you believe, the purpose of your soul is always the same.  It is your the purest guide you have to following your dreams and creating a life that you love. I’ve started listening to quiet music and sitting more on my own. I’ve started just looking at people and letting them talk. I’ve started just listening to my own thoughts. I’ve started just observing… Just observing and in that making a conscious effort to just breath. And in that breath I know I’m automatically connected to my soul… to my atonement.

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