About Meraki Therapy

“We go through life mishearing and seeing and misunderstanding so that the stories we tell ourselves add up”Janet Malcolm

The aim of each session will be to help you hear the difference between what your ego is telling you and your soul.

Our soul talks to us in many ways . In our sessions we will find out the different ways your soul talks to you to create the life you are called for. These ways include the physical health of your body (any dis-ease in your body is a manifestation of mental thought patterns), the feelings in your heart and, but not limited to, thoughts you may have.

Everyone knows the answers within them. Meraki Therapy provides a safe space to find out who you are. Once you understand and accept all of who you are you can then start to create a life that is magical, a life that makes your heart sing.

I specifically do not use one technique as I believe we are beautifully layered like an onion and as such need to potentially use a range of techniques. You are however at the heart of the therapy and as such can choose to focus on any therapy that resonates with you. This is after all the aim, to help you listen to your own inner guidance system.


psychodynamic (psychoanalytic) psychotherapy
I believe that one explanation of who we are today, and the problems whether mental, emotional or physical, are because of situations we experience and people we meet. Some of these are pleasant but some may be unsettling to you. What we then do is use various defense mechanisms to protect ourselves. In our sessions I would encourage you to talk about whatever comes to mind when prompted with various cues. This will help us uncover any unconscious thoughts or feeling that you may not be aware of that will help us get to the bottom of whatever is troubling you or blocking you from stepping into the fullness of your true potential.

cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
I believe our behaviour is a reaction to our thoughts (cognition) which are controlled by our ego. Cognition is any thought, perception or memory etc. CBT looks at the cognitive aspects that triggers the behaviour. Once the trigger is identified we look at how we can change the behaviours. There are many behavioural techniques that can be looked at but in the end the technique that works best for you will not only be the one you resonate with the most but the one you practice outside of the therapy session.

cognitive analytical therapy (CAT)
You will find when working with me that I use a variety of different techniques as I believe treating a person is a holistic task. CAT does this by combining both Psychodynamic as well as CBT techniques to aid self reflection and action.

interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)
I have always said that I am who I am because of the people I have met in my life. People lift you up but their energy can also have a negative effect on you. In IPT we look at how the people in your life have influenced you positively and then we look at where you have been in a space to experience being pulled down by other people’s energie. We look at where, when and why this happened and look at how we can move on from this giving you the ability to become aware of when it happens again in the future and how to move on in your own power.

humanistic therapies
I love the work of Abraham Hicks and the law of attraction. The theory of the law of attraction talks about how the universe will bring whatever you think about; both positive and negative. With this technique we identify where you could think more positively about yourself and your life. The most exciting and powerful part of the technique is the self-awareness that follows from this reflection and it is one of the important stepping stones needed to create a life you love.

family and couple (systemic) therapy
I feel strongly that we were not created to be alone. We are happiest when we are have meaningful relationships (friendships, intimate and family relationships). Feeling the support of those around you in some cases is just what you need to move through a difficult time. We look at how we can all work together to find the cause and solution of the problem you are experiencing.

Heal Your Life Workshops

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler”
Henry David Thoreau

Thousands of people worldwide have now found out how amazing these seminars and workshops are which are based on the principles of You Can Heal Your Life HealⓇ, by Louise Hay.

The basic Heal Your Life® philosophy is:

  • what we think about ourselves becomes true for us
  • everyone is responsible for everything in their lives — the best and the worst
  • every thought we think is creating our future
  • each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings
  • the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences
  • we can change the thoughts we think

Part of the challenge is that we give our power away by blaming the past, other people, and difficult events for our frustration. When we learn to step outside the world of blame we can then choose to create peace, harmony, and balance in our minds and that’s what we will find in our lives.

It is about YOU, the way you are, the key influences and events in your life that have brought you to where you are now and the way you would like your life to be. The process of healing your life begins with breaking through the layers of old conditioning and beliefs about how you “should” lead your life, identifying any problem areas and clearing out emotional clutter connected with them. There is no “magic” or “secret process”. All that is required is a genuine desire to commit yourself to change and a series of practical steps to make those changes happen. You can also be assured that you will be taken through the entire process in a safe and supportive environment.

The seminars and workshops I lead come in the following format:

  • Two day weekend workshops
  • One day workshops
  • Five and ten week study groups

Any of these programs can serve as “stepping stones” on your pathway of self-discovery. You will be gently and skillfully guided toward a realization of your own power, inner wisdom and strengths, which will help you to achieve the life of joy, happiness, prosperity and health you deserve.

Through these programs you will:

  • Learn to love yourself and others more fully and deeply
  • Release negative emotions that block your joy and creativity
  • Work with body, mind and spirit to transform your life
  • Understand your barriers to love
  • Get more of what you want from life
  • Gain new tools and ideas to assist you on your journey

By the end of the courses you will have a renewed appreciation and love for yourself and others. You will also go home armed with spiritual and practical tools and techniques that will help you respond to situations and circumstances in your life more positively and lovingly.

Click on Meraki Therapy Meetup Group page for details of when and where the workshops are. Alternatively feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Holistic Therapies

meridian psychotherapy
A great therapy which combines ancient healing practices and ‘talking therapy’, otherwise known as psychotherapy. For years many people have believed good health means a natural flow of energy within the body. If there is a block in one of the meridians (lines of energy flow) in your body, we are likely to feel some dis-ease within our body. We would look at different techniques to help release any blocks (physical, mental or emotional) that are preventing you from feeling whole.

cellular reprogramming
I believe that all memories are stored in our body at a cellular level. Have you ever heard of the term ‘muscle memory’? Muscles hold a fitness level or the ability to pick up a physical activity after not having done it for weeks or years in some cases. Based on this principle the body holds memories especially those related to emotions, positive and negative. When using cellular reprogramming we use a journal to aid us in reprogramming a belief system the ego holds about who we are.

angel card readings
I like to think of Angel Card Readings as spirits’ Psychotherapy. In Psychotherapy we look for unconscious thoughts and feeling that may be a cause of a problem however when doing an Angel Card Reading we ask our angels and spirit to help us see what our soul would like us to know about where we are in our journey. This could be a one off consultation or a wonderful support alongside our other sessions to guide us to the truth your soul wants to uncover.